Wtf is going on here?!?!

Man – this has been a shit of a week already. Pretty sure today is Thursday, considering Game 6 of the Warriors is on (even tho I am a Lakers fan at heart). But still – man has this week been tough…from dumbass emails to the dumbasses who send them – sometimes I just don’t get the Office world. Today all I could think about was the fucking TPS reports I needed to file, and of course the big fucking kicker is how I somehow can’t spend my own bread to take my team out and enjoy some good natured fun.

Oh well – whats a dude to do? Fucking D R I N K! And not just any drink fest – its time to hide the keys, get the ice maker going (or buy fucking ice) and get ready to rock. 1st thing I noticed tho was the Sweet n Sour was low…and lately I have been making my own (super fucking easy and way better than store bought). SO time to juice the remaining lemons and limes and make some damn S&S. But before we do that, we hit the whacked out shots to get greased up. And of course that means the every ready Jagerbomb! But, something in my head says, lets take it up ANOTHER NOTCH, Emeril style! So, I fill a Pint Glass with the normal Red Bull can, fill a shot glass each with Jager and Tequila, and bomb away. WTF?!?! you say? – yeh, I just did that. Jagerbomb with tequila too…do I got a fancy name yet? Nope. Oh, and don’t forget to chase that sheyit with some beer.

Yes indeed, juice the lemons, juice the limes, drink da beer. As I type this I am already waiting for my mix to cool down, and wondering what I am going to make next. Whats that you say? “Dirty – where the fuck have you been… you promised to hit shit hard and give us the Dirty scoop on all things booze!”. Well, I’ve been in lockdown mode fighting a losing battle with The Man (aka work) and also soaking my tears up still from the 49ers losing the goddamn Super Bowl with 5 yards to go!. Not to say I haven’t been thinking about my lonely site and the probably non-existent reader base…but hey – Im here now! Shiy.

I got a few things on tap in my head I just need to get into print – which apparently takes the shitties days possible at work to come spewing out. Ill take the spewing but not the shitting. I hope this is the last of the shits for awhile. Giants v Dodgers this weekend looks to be fucking baddass, especially since all the games are night games. And oh – lets not forget that tomorrow is muthafuckin Metallica night!. That’s right, I said fuckin Metallica bitches! Supposedly they will be at the park, and of course tunes jamming thru all game long. Fuck yer Shazam! and just fucking know beyotch.

Thats all I got right now – I’m 3 of those kinked up Jagerbombs and 3 beers done already.

Fuck the spell check.


— Dirty

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