World Cup 2014: Wednesday 6/18/14

Well, things certainly turning in my favor after I tallied up 3 and 0 on my drink off picks yesterday.

For todays matches, I like Croatia still, and, Spain – Roja Furia, is going to have a tough time with this Chilean team.

Drinks vs drinks today break down pretty good –

Australia vs Netherlands!

Here we have the Australian wine vs. a solid cocktail still, Le Oranje.

The Oranje will put you on yer ass

The Oranje will put you on yer ass

Thunder from down under - in liquid form

Thunder from down under – in liquid form










I think the Netherlands got this one pretty good. And at this point, I need to get a new Cocktail going for the next round.

The 2nd match of the day is probably the biggest one to watch, since the defending champs are in a tough spot. I like the drink choices match-up here too – Pisco Punch vs Gin and Tonics!

Now, being a lover of the G&T, I lean this way, but I think the Pisco has a good one-two combo and can knock this drink down. Definitely has the staying power.

Pisco Sour - Pisco POWER

Pisco Sour – Pisco POWER

Gin me!

Gin me!









I guess I’ll go tie.

Lastly we have Croatia vs Cameroon – and this is easy, because these Croatians, along with the Bosnians are becoming my underdog favorites here.

Croatia here goes with the good ol Crocktail 2.0 and Cameroon with the Cameroon Shooter.

Cameroon BAM! Tasty quick shot

Cameroon BAM! Tasty quick shot

Croatian Crocktail 2.0

Croatian Crocktail 2.0









I like the Crocktail 2.0 here, because it is refreshing, packs some strong ingredients, and I think overpowers the Cameroon Shooter.

Gotta love the World Cup for 2014.


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