World Cup 2014: Semi-Finals! Argentina vs Netherlands!

Who can deny the Beautiful Game! World Cup 2014 just continues to amaze! I mean what a game yesterday between Brazil and Germany! 5 goals in 30 minutes? No Brazilian counter-assault? The constant Blitzkrieg the Germans kept up was impressive, and frankly one of the best World Cup matches ever.

After this, just the final remains, and my last drinks for this World Cup 2014 series (my 1st series!).

I have been working on a re-cap of sorts for all these drinks, and other notes for drinks to come, but, one thing at a time.

Moving on tho, we have Argentina and Netherlands battling it out for the second spot in the Finals match-up, with the loser going on to play Brazil for 3rd place.

Feeling the cooling effect

Feeling the cooling effect

For the Argentinians, more wine, and more wine Cocktails – and again with a classic drink, the Bay Breeze, which I modified with the wine to come out with the Buenos Aires Breeze.

On the other side we have the Netherlands, and you know the drill – another Oranje drink! With this one I went with orange color and base.

Kept on drinking this one

Kept on drinking

Netherlands to me is always blasting and attacking, and that forms the drink name and the different ingredients, from Watermelon and Grapefruit schnapps to give a little extra bite (not like Luis Suarez tho).

Who wins here?

Going with Argentina yet again on this one.


South america and Europe one more time

South america and Europe one more time


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