World Cup 2014: Saturday 6/21/14 (also 1st day of Summer)

World Cup action continues, on the first day of summer here in the good ‘ol USA no less.

Since I didn’t get a chance to write this earlier, I am transposing this from my notepad to here, and of course in the middle of the last match no less.

I put my picks out on Twitter – Argentina, Germany, and Bosnia.

Here are the drink match-ups, that go with the matches.

Of course 1st up is Argentina vs. Iran.

Tough match for the Iranians here, and the Persian Rose cocktail to go up against one of the best wines varietal – Argentine Malbec!

So, with this, I did go back and taste both again, just to see what was going on (althought I made these last nite after way too much of other drinks, so, using old “stock” pics to keep with the theme I have going thus far).

Wine and dine

Wine and dine

Persian Strength on display

Persian Strength on display









And here I still go with the Argentine Wine. Yum.

Next is the match of the day really –¬†Germany vs Ghana.

Here is the steadfast vs. new age so to speak; Jagerbomb vs African Cooler.

Depth Charge or Bomb? PC in drinks is not needed

Depth Charge or Bomb? PC in drinks is not needed


Maybe I should call this a refresher – it’s that good









Of course I go with the classic here, although I think the African Cooler will be a staple I add to my rotation of drinks, just holds up so well.

Lastly, the match with my underdogs for this grouping and ideally the knock-out round – Bosnia vs Nigeria!

I really dig the strength of the Slivovitz and how it works almost like Vodka as far as warmth and effects. On the other side, we have the Chapman, which beyond just being a fun drink, has a character of flavor that is still interesting.

I suddenly think of movies ...with bad guys

I suddenly think of movies …

Nigerian Chapman - earthy and damn good

Nigerian Chapman – earthy and damn good










Rooting for the Slivovitz here. Either way, fun games all around.

Tomorrow thankfully team USA plays on a day off – which means a full day of drinking and soccer without issue (hopefully).


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