World Cup 2014: Quarter Finals! Argentina vs Belgium!

Ridiculousness of how intense these World Cup 2014 matches have been thus far.

I still am reeling a bit from Team USA losing to Belgium – particularly because I went all out on that waffle recipe drink, leaving me stumped to come up with a new drink. On top of that, Belgian Waffles will no longer be made at my house, nor ordered anywhere from breakfast anymore. Pancakes or crummy square waffles for me now.

This match of Argentina vs Belgium had me brain cramping on trying to come up with drinks. For Belgium as explained, and then for Argentina with the difficulty of the self-imposed wine based cocktails for their team. In addition, I realized I did not write-up Argentina’s last match, so, gotta do an extra article to catch-up on that mix-up.

This time I will start with Belgium, as their drink I tried to design as a “beer” – a Belgian Wheat. Now, making a cocktail LOOK like a beer can be done with frothing agents (see multiple Bar Rescue episodes for examples) but, taste wise, lil harder. So I took that challenge, and came close…..


Shocked the USA - watch out Argentina

Shocked the USA – watch out Argentina

Belgian Shocked Wheat:

  • 1oz Gin
  • 1/2oz Mezcal
  • 1oz Lime Juice
  • Ginger Beer

In an ice filled pint glass, add ingredients in order, garnish with lime wedge.

The drink itself does appear to be close to a Mike’s Hard Lemonade in appearance, and gives a hardy flavor profile of a spiced beer – similar to a spiced rum, due to both the Mezcal and the Ginger beer. You cannot at all taste any alcohol, which was the goal, considering this drink can pack a punch after a few. I debated the name for awhile and just went with what 1st popped in my head.

For Argentina, with the wine restriction, I kept with modifying classics (you’ll see when I put the Argentina vs Switzerland post up that I missed), and created the Buenos Aires Cosmo.

Malbec yourself to sleep

Malbec yourself to sleep

Here I subbed out the Vodka with the Argentine Malbecs I have been holding for World Cup 2014 action, and then increased the triple sec for strength, and increased the cranberry a bit for balance and the resulting drink is phenomenal! In fact once this World Cup 2014 is over, it will be a good time to pick top 5 out of all these cocktails, given there are so many, and try and stock regularly.

Buenos Aires Cosmo:

  • 1.5oz Argentine Malbec
  • 3/4oz Triple Sec
  • 1/2oz Lime Juice
  • 3/4oz Cranberry Juice

Shake with ice all ingredients and strain into cocktail glass. Enjoy the smooth flavor of yet another Wine Cocktail (I do not like the Wine-tail term these have been dubbed).

I do like how wine has been turning out in the 4 or 5 drinks I have done thus far, and it would expand great for lil places that only have beer/wine licenses to have something to go off on, however the problem is you still cannot use liqueurs. I have a solution for that tho, I think, which I will save for later.

Who wins this one?

Wine vs Beer

Wine vs Beer

I love these Wine Cocktails quite a bit – so there you go, Argentina. Practically handing them the wins lately. But the Beer looking cocktails are a nice side project to focus on later down the road.


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