World Cup 2014: Knock Out Rounds! Germany vs Algeria!

Another delayed write-up for World Cup action. I have been busy on other items (figuring out what to do with this Plum Syrup I made).

This round of action (again, already passed) did fall, as far as the drinks are concerned, to da Germans.

Very delicious cocktails on both ends – both were on target and tasted pretty much like I had imagined when I had finished my final brainstorms.

For the Germans, I created the Apple Strudel – utilizing two different Apple liqueurs, maple syrup, and then cream to bring everything together.


Tastes like its pastry brethren

Tastes like its pastry brethren

Apple Strudel:

  • 3/4oz Apple Jack
  • 3/4oz Sour Apple Pucker
  • 1/2oz Simple Syrup
  • 1/2oz Maple Syrup
  • 1.5oz Cream (half n half) or Milk

Shake all ingredients with ice and pour into Cocktail glass. Gobble up like an actual Strudel.




And of course, would not be a match without another contender, and the Algerian cocktail put together is equally good and packs the punch (definitely thinking about measuring the ABV on these drinks).

Flag Day for Algeria

Flag Day for Algeria

For Algeria, I made the Algerian National – a Cocktail with a side-shot, appealing to the actual Flag of Algeria. I do not recommend dumping the side-shot into the actual cocktail. Just sip and sip and enjoy.

Algerian National:

  • 1oz Pisco
  • 1oz Orange Juice
  • 3/4oz Grenadine
  • 1/2oz Lime Juice
  • 1/2oz Midori (side-shot)

Shake with ice all ingredients and strain into Cocktail glass, put side-shot ON THE SIDE!

I think the tart-ness, plus the hidden oomph this drink possesses needed to be tempered, and the mellow Midori does the job doing that, as well as cleaning the palate for the next long sip from the actual Cocktail. Pisco ain’t nothing to mess with!

So, who wins on this one?

Anyone know who the Desert Fox was?

Anyone know who the Desert Fox was?

Das Germans! But I will take the side-shot concept with me for other cocktail creations.


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