World Cup 2014: Knock Out Rounds! Costa Rica vs Greece!

2nd match of the day, Another Euro vs South America match-up no less.

This World Cup should show that the Americas deserve more slotted spots in the tourney – so many go to Euro it is ridiculous. I hope overall that a Americas team wins the cup, and thus a lobby for more spots (needless to say more teams – 40, is not the answer, IMO).

Anyways, today I lift from Bacardi their cocktail for Costa Rica, the Tico Especial! I think the age Gate blocks from direct linking, but either way, enter yer bday, click the cocktails part and you’ll see some of them (not all are that fantastic – I’ll do a breakdown if they keep the site up after World Cup).



Fear the Tico's

Fear the Tico’s

Tico Especial (by Barcadi):

  • 1oz Bacardi Silver
  • 1/2oz Tonic
  • 1.5oz Blue Curacao
  • 3 Rasperries

Pour Bacardi into ice filled rocks glass. Fill with tonic – stir and top with Curacao. Garnish with berries.


Gotta hand it to Bacardi on this one – very K.I.S.S. style drink, and of course, I have no berries right now, so they are not there (granted, I have not really been garnishing any drinks this whole time), BUUUUUUUTTT – it is not all that. Kinda falls flat actually.

For the Greek side, enough research produced the Grecian Shooter (guess maybe this should have been 1st, then the Doctor).


Shoot and savor

Shoot and savor

Grecian Shooter:

  • 1/3oz Ouzo
  • 1/3oz Grenadine
  • 1/3oz Galliano

Mix in shaker and strain into shooter glass.

This cocktail tasted like putting black and red redvines together and eating them – strangely satisfying. And as a shooter, it left a pleasant aftertaste, even tho I personally do not like the black licorice taste of most things.


So who wins here?

South America vs Europe

South America vs Europe

Greece! Amazingly (on my personal sheet I have Costa Rica, but hey, drinks decide this)



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