Work, work. Zug Zug

Back to back 16 hour shifts and still going strong ! This has been a rough week, and I am glad it is nearly over. It’s been a great start to the New Year, and gonna keep on plugging. My day job tends to get long in the tooth and extensive in hours at times, and when I get home I just want to close my eyes and fall into the mattress.


Don’t worry though, I’ve still been doing my fun job – getting the goods on what needs to sit in your bar! When I started this shin-dig I wanted to post 3 times a week and get my study glasses on for ya, but, hey, it hasn’t happened but one can set goals eh? Those times I mentioned when work gets up there on the tolerance chain, I know I have plenty of unwinding targets to go after. Not that I always need a drink, but man is it great to taste that refreshing cool taste of an ice cold beer (is that trademarked? Heh).


I am not shocked by the amount of work that goes into blogs, and I will be putting that work in – but I can see how it can get overwhelming. Heck, most of the time it’s an idea in your head and get to the keyboard. NOT ME. I go down and dirty, to the nitty gritty and break down and give you the straight talk on whatever crosses my path. And, of course, I get to drink and (sometimes) enjoy all the bacchanalia¬†that can happen.


With that, and this real quick post. I prepare for the 2nd half of another long day. Tomorrow tho, the 49ers and Saints battle it out, and I will be drinking my tailgate brew and preparing for the best match-up of the year.


Go Niners!!!



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