Where did Dirty go?

Cheesus it has been a busy month!

1st off I have been slogging away at my real work for quite some time now, and we are in the midst of THE busiest month in our schedule, but hey, that’s what they pay me for. And it doesn’t leave me a whole lot of room to get to the keyboard.

Anywho! Shoot – been working hard for ya here at The Dirty Hour no less still…learning more about HTML, researching plenty of drink mixes, and running into some fun new stuff to try that has come into the stores I like to buy my liquor from.

I also figured out what to do with those damn left over crap party mixes from the Snack Off! Just grind that shit up and bread up your favorite cutlet! (You don’t have to get all fancy and make a sandwhich, just get some french fries and add mofo GRAVY!!! FN Awesome)

But wait there’s more! I’ve been drowning in Tequila trying to make the Perfect Margarita and have nearly hit the nail on the head! Short, simple, sweet. The basics really pay off here…couple more modifications and in the words of the late Macho Man Randy Savage – Oooooooooohhhh yeeeeeeeaahhhhhh!!!

What about you? How has your month been petering out? Excited with the upcoming free agency in Football? March Madness? Peyton Manning? Mother fucking Baseball!!!??!?! Let’s not forget that St Patty’s day is right around the damn corner. I sure haven’t and it’s on a Saturday nite no less – PERFECT!

Look for updates and actual fucking posts coming soon!

– Dirty

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