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Welcome to The Dirty Hour! No, this is not some porn site (unless you find alcohol sexy…and in that case, don’t click away!), cinemax spinoff, or cheese-ball homer site. This is a true perspective on the King of all vices – Drinking!

Alcohol has been around for centuries, since the beginning of time nearly. It is found all throughout history, with or without context, and has somehow worked itself into being the King of vices – and that is not a good thing. Drinking alcohol has a bad rap, like fast food making you fat or eggs adding to your cholesterol count – it’s about moderation and context. Here at TDH, I want to educate on all there is to know about alcohol. Why sometimes a $50 bottle of tequila is as good as $100 bottle. Secrets to success on hangovers (ha-ha).The best mixers – from Apple Juice to Zinc powder (caution, Zinc is NOT GOOD!)I want to pass on the good knowledge acquired thru my own drinking forays and pass it along.

“WTF qualifies this asshole to tell me what to drink!?” You ask? Well, I drink – every day. Not just a social habit. I have my bartender certificate (very fun getting that). Currently I own about 150 bottles of booze (more than any local watering hole I know), in all types, flavors, shapes, sizes, prices, tons of wine bottles I trip over and an extensive collection of rather large bar tabs over the last 10 years. There is no discriminating when it comes to libation. I love to drink, and I have no shame in saying that. I believe that alcohol, like guns, never gets its day in court. Always has to hide in a brown bag, be hidden away in your desk drawer or blamed for all that is wrong with a person. It takes the heat for our mistakes, when really, isn’t it our own fault and not our friend alcohol?

Cozy up in your chair and get ready to download some knowledge to your head spaghetti cuz TDH is open and there is no last call.

Need a reason to buy that $140 bottle of Don Julio – just ask!. Trying to convince your wife/girlfriend/mother/date-at-the-bar that drinking the entire bottle of Pinot is not harmful, I’ll drop the knowledge! Debating between putting out peanut butter filled pretzels or popcorn for your superbowl party? I’ll tell which one to actually put out, and whether it will fit your brew of choice.

If you happen to work for an alcohol company in some capacity, drop a line (or send a bottle). I don’t play favorites, but no reason to not sample the wares!

Don’t be shy – sack up and post a comment.


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