Tales of the Cocktail 2014- Not in attendance

A HUGE chunk of the Alcohol industry will be swarming onto New Orleans starting tomorrow!

Sadly, I won’t be there this year due to the new 49ers stadium taking all my money; but hey always next year.

However, I do plan to follow online what I can and also possibly do a topic or two a day, maybe bring out my notes from my 1st time around which was in 2012 and the 10th year.

If you have never been, I suggest going, as it is an incredible experience. When I used to work in a different industry entirely from what I do now for a day job, the conventions were always a fun and exciting Annual event, demos all over, hot women, freebie city, and with parties galore. Same here – except focused around alcohol and all that comes with libations.

Attending every year is my goal, and also to start meeting more people to join in the fun I have with this blog and all the drinking that goes with the whole thing.

If you are going to Tales, chime in!





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