Sam Adam’s Rebel IPA – Crafty, not craft

Well, it took me long enough to get around to Sam Adam’s latest and greatest- the Rebel IPA! Yes – the “West Coast” done by the East Coast. Who knew??

Samuel Adam’s Rebel IPA is branded as a “West Coast” style IPA, and they could not be closer to the truth. In fact, nearly copy cat truth.

I got the sixer at a local liquor store for around $10 (not bad considering the prices I’ve been paying at the damn baseball games – $10.75 EACH!), and a big ‘ol pizza to enjoy (best in the Bay Area to me – Pizza Box!) while watching all the sports that’s going on.

You rebels are done for

Moving on to the nitty gritty – Sam Adam’s Rebel IPA is a straight rip of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I mean straight fuckin rip. 1st swig – I look at my buddy and am like “this tastes very familiar”. 2nd swig – “damn this tastes so fuckin familiar, what the heck is it???”. Drink some more and BAM! it hits me that this is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – I mean switch the damn labels and you could not tell the difference. Sorry Sam Adam’s, the Rebel’s lose in this one. You might be asking how I can remember that flavor profile so well? Well I’ll tell ya because the last few weeks I have been alternating Stella, Sierra and Modelo while at Strip Club, that’s how.

Just another day of pizza and beer

None survived

The label lists all sorts of fruits, and wheats and yadda yadda BS for marketing, and it does have the craft brew ABV % – above 6%, so it will get you there, but don’t bother. And I say this as a big fan of Samuel Adam’s beers (Boston Lager, Pumkin ale, their Hefe), however there are other brews out there to spend your money on, or even just stick with their current line-up.

Samuel Adam’s Rebel IPA – craftiness in copying a good West Coast beer.


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