Off to Tales…

Man has it been awhile. Since my last post it has been an onslaught of 12hr days, 6 days a week nearly every week at my day job – needless to say my free time shrank.

Thankfully tho I carved out a timeframe to go, for the first time, to Tales of the Cocktail down in New Orleans!. I am definitely excited to be headed there and partake in all that this festival, show, whatever you wanna call it has to offer. Not to mention the city itself. Many moons ago I was going to attend college in the city (Tulane) but changed my mind for a forgotten reason. I have a feeling the city is going to tease me into thinking that was a mistake.

I hope that this festival, as well as a some improvements in my schedule, allow me to get back on track with this site. I have a lot of bottles that I have purchased and sampled over the last few months I want to share, as well as insights into some interesting things going on with bottle branding and ads.

There is so much the cocktail, and larger alcohol universe at large, has to offer and it will be interesting to get a different take meeting and mingling with people much more connectivity on the inside of the business, and probably people with very narrow opinions.

Check out for more information on the insanity about to happen in NOLA

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