No Thunder from down under

Disclaimer here: I do like plenty of different brands and you will definitely see some reviews of the good stuff don’t worry!. For whatever reason the items I have been coming across lately to add to the excessively large bar I have going on here, just plain stink! But hey, that’s why I am here, to give you the real deal on those items, even on the value deal items like my next headshot target – Australia Boomerang Vodka!

Now this little gem I found while scouring for snacks at Trader Joe’s. It retails for $10 (1st warning sign) and, there was plenty of it sitting there (with accompanying dust, telling me it’s been awhile).  Let’s dig in shall we?

Boomerang says on the bottle it is made from grapes (Yikes!), and not just any old table grapes, they are “Premium Australian Grapes”. Now, there is one other Vodka made from grapes right now…and I will be sharing my opinion on that soon enough, but lemme just say this – GRAPES ARE FOR WINE!!! What’s that? Didn’t catch what I really meant there…well, I will say it again…, slower. GRAPES. ARE. FOR. WINE!!!!! (Added a few more “!” just, ya know, for emphasis). I do not understand this (dying, I hope) trend to make Vodka out of things that are not really meant to be made into Vodka. Please, producers, stop now. Or at the very least, get a larger sample size of taste testers. What’s next? Vodka made from lettuce!!!

Moving on, the bottle also spouts out that it is the 1st luxury vodka from Australia and of course, the ubiquitous “Distilled 5 times”. Some more blah blah blah on the bottle and then the legal stuff we always see.

“Hey Dirty, enough with the bottle already!!!” Okay, okay. Nitty Gritty time.

I ripped the seal and twisted off the cap to get the 1st sniff, and amazingly it smelled decent. Time for the real deal – 1st shot. Yeh, no. Nearly spat it out. $10 Vodka indeed. And this ain’t Russia, with a bajillion Vodka’s for under $10 that DO taste good. Maybe we will find one here (reminds me I need to visit this store I know of…). Boomerang has  a pretty nasty bite to it, but amazingly not too harsh a burn. It is definitely something to that is destined for the mixing shelf, but let’s just see how many buddies it needs to bring along.

First batter up to the task is my best buddy Red Bull. I can’t stand Red Bull outside of pairing it with some alcohol…but that is another story. Vodka Redbull is the usual call for this, but sometimes I hear Raging Bull or Angry Bull too depending on the bar. Right off the bat after pouring you get the normal good taste that this concoction offers. But then that funny bite hits ya and nearly ruins the drink. Too bad, because almost all the rest of the drinks I tried with this were terrible as well.

Next on the line is the working mans drink – the Screwdriver. This drink is the standard-bearer for Vodka in my taste rotations and Boomerang ruined this one. Not only did the OJ fail to mix well with this, Boomerang just returned right to the top, cutting thru all the mixer and punching thru with it’s bite again. Sigh. Let’s move on. Kamikaze time! No bueno. That weird sour grape taste bite just comes thru again and ruins it all. I didn’t waste my time editing to try the Kamikaze Drop. Switching gears I went to another tried and true drink with Vodka, always classy Cosmopolitan. Again, a struggle to put down that sour grape bite. Some modifications with Agave Syrup and a little POM Juice certainly helped, but, with 3 mixers here and still not blending well, that is pretty shameful. For the last drink, I went to one of my shot books and found this pleasure pleaser, Cocaine. As a shooter this drink of course goes down fast, and boy, with quality Vodka this would be fucking awesome (just to test that, I made one with Grey Goose just for kicks). Too bad it is just okay and holds up. Again, maxing out the mixers you would ever want to put in with just one alcohol stinks.

So, Australia, this Boomerang can fly right back to ya. It hit me in the head, but you guys should definitely duck outta the way. One thing for sure tho, like all alcohols, it will get you drunk – so it does have that going for it. And it does come in a nice big 1.75L bottle, so moderately made Jell-o shots could work here too (Hmmmmmm).

Anyways, till next time.


G'day Mates! Bottom of pic to left in a circle: Shot, Cocaine, Vodka Redbull, Screwdriver, Cosmo

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