New Year – Time to get in gear

What the fuck happened to this year!?!?! Flashed by in a pinch.

This time last year, when I started this blog, the Niners were in the playoff, and are again (Superbowl or bust!) , and they inspired me to get back in action.

I was excited and motivated to get the gospel of the cocktail out and share all that pertains to it.

My last post was right before Tales of the Cocktail, which I went to and, overall was a good experience. I missed the boat completely on getting relevant posts up on the event when I came back (and I took tons of notes). I missed the boat on all the holidays from then to now. I missed it all.

But not anymore! Shit. I am getting back into the captains chair and getting this baby back on track.

I have no excuses, just need to get things done and get to drinking. There have been a lot of alcohol releases in the last 6 months (and year in general) , a lot of funny ads and a lot of booze drank (heh)and these. posts don’t write themselves.

I look forward to delivering. A cocktail to start the year for ya.

The Coconut Republic:

– 1oz Coconut Rum
– 1/2 Light Rum
– 1/2 Creme de coconut
– 2/3 can of coke
– 1/4 squeeze of lime

In a ice-filled shaker, build with ingredients. Lightly stir and pour into ice-filled collins glass. Garnish with Lime Wedge.

– Dirty

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