Getting into the Twitter-verse – Follow Fridays

So I have been told today is “follow friday” on Twitter … – which, being my 1st where I give a damn, begs for a cocktail to be made.

So what the heck do I base this cocktail on? Well, in this case I follow the K.I.S.S. principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid. And with that, we just pick items with an “F” in it.

This leads to another problem – not a lot of Alcohol starts with “F”…which I didn’t really figure when I started looking thru the Q-Bar (yeh, manually, because I lost my “database” of what the heck is in it…pending weekend project)….

Anywho, Frangelico’s – everyone’s favorite Hazelnut liqueur, and Fernet-Branca, everone’s favorite mystery flavor strong liqueur (80 Proof baby!) where what I had (and really there are only about 12 or so total F named alcohols).

On top of that, it magically fits that it is Orange Friday for the SF Giants and I have Orange Fanta.

With that – the recipe for the Follow Friday

In a Cocktail shaker with a little ice
– 1/2oz Fernet-Branca
– 1/2oz Frangelico’s

Shake and strain half into 2oz shooter glass; top with Orange Fanta.

Follow this lil baddass

Follow this lil baddass

Shoot and smile. Tastes good at 1st and then, SURPRISE – nuts hit you. Yes, just like this follow friday fun.

Happy Follow Friday Hour!

– D

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