Bottle Breakdown: Mango Jack, Cut it some flack

Bottles, bottles everywhere – very much time to drink. New stuff.

Well, took me an extra two days due to other BS (as usual), but pulled a random (unopened) bottle off the Q-Bar and gave it the good ol bottle breakdown.

This rounds interesting bottle is Calico Jack’s Mango Jack Rum. I don’t remember where I bought the bottle, but, I need the space so someones gotta go! Especially with all this new stuff coming out. I found another bottle on the shelf of my corner liquor store for $10 – couple bucks less than the other flavored rums. At 21% ABV, it’s not gonna knock anyone out, but stays in lime with most flavored rums.

Malibu Jack bringing the party

Malibu Jack bringing the party

On the back of the bottle are 3 recipes, one of which wanted some Iced Tea, so I started with making fresh Iced Tea (I don’t really drink Iced Tea), and then went to town on this one.

Poured 1st shot – smells nice, close to a Mango smell (lil too perfume-like), and then, down the hatch. Not bad, definitely not the next level like Malibu and Cruzan to some extent, but it can hold it’s own….so far.

I made two drinks on the Mango Jack bottle and one classic that Malibu also uses:

Jack N Juice, Mango Tango Tea, and a Bay Breeze (and shots!)

The Jack N’ Juice (drink on far right) calls for:

  • 2oz Mango Jack
  • 2oz Orange Juice
  • 2oz Cranberry Juice

Which is basically a Madras at this point with the Mango Jack subbing in for Vodka….and overall was alright. I like to switch Rum and Vodka out in a lot of drinks, so, certainly expected this to be good. I would say the Mango Jack comes thru, but is singled out as not the star due to the way this rum is probably made (not too many mangos went into this bottle I bet).

Then the Mango Tango Tea (far left):

  • 2oz Mango Jack
  • 4oz Iced Tea (fresh made ;D )
  • Splash of Lemon Lime soda

I think they were going for an Arnold Palmer here, but with Rum of course. I liked this one as just a walkaround drink, and certainly was able to drink half of the iced tea using this recipe. The Mango Jack adds the sweet to the tea, and also more flavor. This time the odd perfume is hidden. McDonald’s could serve this as their new tea – just keep the $1 any size.

The Bay Breeze mod (middle drink) (basically same thought as the Jack N Juice and swapping the Vodka with Rum) was probably the best out of this bunch. The Mango Jack added more “tropical” flavor to a drink I almost never here ordered, but is underrated and perfect for an appetizer starter (looking at you Chili’s Triple Dipper).

The second day with the MJ, called for the third drink on the back and a visit to the Calico Jack website, which had updated names of the drinks on the back, which told me I had this bottle awhile (and maybe the got a letter from Uncle Jack). It also had a few more recipes:

Pair of Jacks - drinks that is

Pair of Jacks – drinks that is

Calico Mango Ginger (right):

  • 1oz Mango Jack
  • 4oz Ginger Ale
  • Splash Grenadine

This tastes like a Shirley Temple with a light booze taste.

Mad for Mangos (left):

  • 1oz Mango Jack
  • 1oz Pineapple Juice
  • 1oz Club Soda

I also made a Mango Jack Rum n Coke (which I guess you could call a Jack and Coke, and the wrong drink will show up), to go with these two drinks.

Jack, Mango Jack.....n coke

Jack, Mango Jack…..n coke

All in all I would say Mango Jack should stay as a mixer, and not a true player, even if you are throwing a beach party – or just spend $2 more for some of the better stuff. I will, however, seek the rest of the Calico Jack line-up, just for shiggles.

Guess I’ll pour the remainder into a Sangria.


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