A staple from the Netherlands

Sometimes (like right now), I have to spend time away from Q-Bar (my home bar) and just make due at someone else’s “bar”.

Thankfully, we have some staples hiding about here @ off-site central, and one of those mainstays (while I build Q-Bar South), is good old Heineken. Yes, I friggen said Heineken! From the mofo Netherlands. Ya know, where Amsterdam is (pot-heads should know where thats at…heck, so should people who like paying for sex – it’s legal there).

Anyways, I am on a beer kick lately (Whiskey Sours in-between) and happen to have had about 5 Heinekens, so, bout damn time I mention how great it is. My 1st taste of Heineken was about 10 years ago, while I was working for a big gaming company on ridiculous shifts and we had finally got a submission passed – and out come the Heineken’s. I have to say I was not a beer drinker back then, and man did it taste strong to me, and I almost spit it out. Probably didn’t help that is was a tad warm (prolly a joke on me, muther f’ers).

So, down to the details – Heineken (pop quiz – from Holland), is a light colored, lager classified beer. I would say one of the few beers that does as well from tap as from bottle in both taste and quality. When first popping the cap, you get that hearty-yeast smell and then take that swig and, boom, good strong hop and yeast combo. Nothing much has changed in their process either, which has gotta mean something.

Frankly, Heineken goes with plenty of food. From pasta, to pizza, to pastries. My dinner the other day was Lentil soup, papas, and rice – and Heineken!.

food for the soul

food for the soul

And of course – you can’t beat their recent commercials! Can’t just be one man! The only bad I would say is do not drink it from the can. Just isn’t the same.

Now go be legen (wait for it) DARY!

Enjoy it!. – D

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